1. My child is joining your class for the first time, whereas his friends have been coming to your class since a couple of years, How can they sit in the same class?
When your child is in third grade he does study the same syllabus of the third grade and not of the first. He has missed out on a few things, which we will ensure he catches up. Phonetics and pronunciation might be a problem if your child has not done the class from the beginning. We will rectify that with time.

2. Will my child study the same thing what he studied last year?
NO! Every year, we have a design a different schedule. The core essence of the class will always remain the same. The usage and the vocabulary will differ in accordance to their age.

3. What is the ideal time to start your class?
The right time is 6 years i.e. when the child is in the first standard.

4. What change should I expect from my child?
In the first quarter, expect your child to read fluently. He will read will ease and understand the written word better. In the next quarter, he will start speaking better. Now, that he has befriended the language he will like reading. In the next six months, he will be confident on talking about any age relevant topic.

5. How many years should my child do the class?
Language has no age restrictions. People come to class even at 50! Every age has different set of vocabulary and language skills. I would strongly say; three years is a bare minimum to shape up one's over all personality completely.

6. Are the exams absolutely necessary?
Unless, we test them we wouldn't know if they have understood what have been taught to them.

7. What is the difference between trinity exams and local exams that you offer?
The ethos of the exam remains the same. If you appear for a Trinity exam you will be certified by an international body and if you appear for the local exam; you shall receive my class certificate. The international certificate is credible in 62 countries worldwide. Check for its credibility on the trinity website available on our home page.

8. I'm visiting London; can I visit Trinity College there?
Trinity is an international examination board and not a 'college' in London. The head office is at London. The address of the same is displayed on the website. It is not a college, it is an office!

9. My child is very shy and introvert, will this class help him?
Certainly, it will! Most of the children do not open up in the school, because they fear to communicate in the English. Once we iron out that, it is observed that they are better in school and making friends.

10. Is it mandatory to participate in the annual day?
The Annual day is designed to boost their confidence and hence a mandate! The children simply emerge out with a difference. Trinity exams and the annual day of our class, where they have strong stage presence and visibility is the best gift you can give your children!