We cater to 500 pupils a year. A child from 6 years onwards is eligible for the course.

Apart from our private centre at Andheri, we also offer our services to prestigious school like Utpal shanghvi school - Juhu.

The main focus of the class is fluency in speech, articulation and diction. Learn while you play is the method we use.

The course is a culmination of 4 subjects : Functional grammar, Performing text, Speech and Drama and communication skills.

FUNCTIONAL GRAMMAR : Grammar done in school is far different from the grammar we do at our class. The children understand the functionality of the usage. They will understand where they have to put the Verb, Noun or an adjective. In schools they just recognise these but at conversational skills they will know its application. Grammar is the key to correct language and we make sure we will strengthen their base. The level of grammar taught will obviously befitting to their age. Informal presentations will be taught to the children, this is the key to cut the rote learning that has become the children’s second nature.

SPEECH AND DRAMA : Literature is the essence of any language. Grammar reasons it and literature literally colours the language. Here the children are introduced to different stories and authors befitting their age. Stories expand one’s mental horizons and an array of stories is dished to them. The point of view of the author or the poet is explained to the child so that they understand different words are used by different people. Where to stress and how much to emphasize on a word and why is taught to them. The language is polished here. Enacting the stories will help them use direct and indirect speech correctly and vocabulary will be retained this way.

PERFORMING TEXT : This is a reading based subject. With TV and gaming reading has really taken a back seat. Thus we ensure that every student in class reads. Phonics just won’t work effective unless a technique is applied while reading. All reading techniques are taught to them and each child reads minimum of two pages to the whole class. They are checked for their poise, posture and voice throw all the while. Articulation and diction will be worked upon here. Understanding the text and taking the ownership of the material is given as they grow. Literature is given a free hand here; they are taught how to change stresses and emphasis; and that how these changes affect the meaning of the sentence.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS : Language and vocabulary will have no relevance unless one doesn’t have the capability to display it. Here we will teach the children the art to develop formal presentation skills. Pace of speeches, being cohesive and being able to coherently express ideas in a short span of time is something that will be developed in this course. The child will be able to speak effectively in public and express his view points accurately. Eye contact, voice throw, poise and posture will be corrected here.

What to expect at the end of the course ?

6-9 years :

Main focus is on Phonetics, reading, vocabulary building and developing the language. A lot of stories are narrated to them in class. Enacting stories, effective reading and story narrations help fluency in speech. Synchronization and sequencing of thoughts is ensured. Writing is also done in class to ensure the vocabulary taught is retained. Interaction with peers and encouraging the children to perform opens even the shyest kid.

After a quarter : Fluency in reading, reading with appropriate pauses, and recognition of newer words.

After 6 months : Reading with Poise and Posture, understanding the material, improved grammar, and increase in word bank and improved thinking skills.

After a year : Improved language, change in articulation and diction, better writing skills, and exposure to literature. Fluency in speech.

10-14 years :

Articulation, Diction and fluency in speech is our main focus. They are made aware of how stresses and pauses are important component for eloquent speaker. Both formal and informal Presentation skills are introduced at this age. Word bank is made richer and writing is also done in class to ensure there is no syntax error. Good oral communication gives them a lot of confidence.

After a quarter : Better understanding of functional grammar, awareness of all nuances of reading, introduction to new vocabulary.

After 6 months : Fluency in speech, reading articulately, ability to give a presentation, increase in vocabulary.

After a year : Confidence, art of presenting any talk, improved writing skills, linguistic skills completely refined.

All the children participate in the annual day where they perform a drama to an audience of 400. After a yearlong training the children are eligible for Trinity college-London exams. We help you decide the grade and subject of the exam.

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