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Conversational Skills was born for a humble reason. It was born to Heena S. Karekar in 1994 to help children nurture the English language. She began to teach academics to children only to realize that majority of the children in India lacked the understanding of English! Learning hence happened by rote and never by understanding any subject. That led her to start 'Conversational skills' which caters to build a child's English language. It caters to anybody and everybody who believes in developing oral language skills At CS we nurture language in such a beautiful way that a child befriends the language. What’s more this compliments their academics too! Our strong team of teachers put in their heart and soul so that the children bloom under our able guidance. Give us 3 months and the child will read effectively, give us 3 more and he will understand well, 3 more and he will have good words, a year later he speaks effortlessly! An exposure of 3 years will change the child’s personality completely.

Our affiliation to Trinity College, London makes it prestigious. Its credibility of the certification is commendable and we take pride in making these courses accessible to people. Trinity examinations are one on one and are extremely practical. It plays a vital role in developing soft skills. We offer the course at our private centre in Andheri (w) and also in Utpal Shanghvi school-Juhu. We have also successfully run the course in DAV school in Thane and Mulund, Pinnacle world high- Malad.

We cater to 500 students a year. Conversational Skills has been rated the best by Midday Metro in 2003.

Individual adult trainings gave us an opportunity to understand the needs of professionals. We started training adults in soft skills, they were satisfied with the result which reflected in their work and that’s how our journey to business houses and corporate houses began. In 2001 we began with Eternal dreams Private limited. We extended our services to Shlok Hospitality Private limited and Chocolit Ink Private limited. Being an editor of a children magazine 'Parents today' for three years gave me an exact insight into the plight of professionals. With our hard work and dedication we established a firm footing in training executives and staff for time management and soft skills. The right change in attitude of professionals can take them places and we bring about the required change.

Our Team
Our Affiliations Our affiliation with Trinity College, London is prestigious. We offer professionally certified courses from this college. We cater to four subjects. We train candidates for GESE- Graded examinations in spoken English, Speech & Drama, Communication skills and Performing text. One to one examinations are conducted twice in a year. Examiners come down from UK to conduct examinations.

Our Associations We offer our services to Utpal Shanghvi-Juhu, DAV school Thane and Mulund.
Conducted classes in Pinnacle world high - Malad and Swami Vivekanand school-Kandivali.

Our Philosophy Globalization has brought diverse cultures together, therefore effective communication is vital. English is widely learned as a second language in India and used as an official language in almost all world organisations. It is the third most natively spoken language in the world. Needless to say that if you befriend this language you will be successful in anything that you do! We understand this and help people in developing their language skills. We train people in both speaking and listening. This gives them the confidence to face the world.

English is a pathway to education, employment and a successful career. This is why parents and employers around the world are looking for the right examination for their children, their workforce or even for themselves. AND 'Conversational Skills' takes pride in providing that.

Why Choose Us The right class needs to be :
  • Recognised - It must carry weight nationally and internationally.
  • Relevant - It must test the right skills at the right level of ability.
  • Convenient - It must be available at the right time and the right place and able to build confidence.

We meet all these needs. We are recognised and so are Trinity examinations. They are recognised worldwide. Our syllabus is highly relevant to the current times, future education and employment. State of art class and international exams is a combination conveniently available with us.