We regularly conduct a complete communication workshop for the age group of 15 to 21 years.

The 10 day workshop irons out all the problems that the young adults might face in oral communication skills. Our 10 day communication workshop caters to improving accent, diction and articulation. Different kinds of presentations i.e. formal, informal, demonstrative are taught to them. Handling group discussions and interviews is also a part of this workshop. Public speaking, grooming and etiquettes will also be covered here. This course will definitely bring about a positive attitude, confidence to interact with people and crowd.

The sharpened communication skills help in building confidence. Effective communication skills are extremely essential for admission in good universities. Group discussions and personal interviews are mandate for admissions in good universities in India and abroad. Proper diction and articulation leaves a long lasting impression.

This workshop is designed to bring out the best in the candidate. Their strengths and weaknesses are brought out and the change in them in unmistakeable. The course adds finesse which he will carry lifelong. It's a guarantee that the candidate who has done this course will distinctly stand apart from the crowd. He will acquire life essential skills in 30 hours!

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