We conduct workshops for CIDTT teachers in Utpal shanghvi. Also offer courses in communication skills and interpersonal communication skills in schools for teachers.

Since teachers are constantly interacting with students, it is extremely crucial that they upgrade their language skills constantly. Do their hectic schedules give them time to keep abreast with the language? Do they get a change to interact with like minded people? Do they exchange ideas on how lesson plans can be made better and interesting? What are the ways in which they can improve and sharpen their skills? We provide training to teachers where in we iron out all these problems.

Also with IGCSE schools being a rage in India, it was very essential to understand how to impart this education to the current teachers who have always taught national boards. Our syllabus is much different than the international board. We conduct special courses for teachers for the same. Successfully conducted workshops at Utpal Shanghvi School for CIDTT (Cambridge International Diploma in Teachers Training)

Recently trained teachers of MVM School for language and communication skills


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