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6.Update for the month of August



Hello parents, this is a concise list of activities done in the month of August. Please feel free to post your views or any suggestions on this blog.

STORY:-Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

▪Brain storming questions asked revolving around the central idea of the story.

▪Discussion on kindness and its various forms from each childs perspective done and narration of the story done.

▪Vocabulary list:

gilded hilt muttered trifling dreadful
withered garret listlessly shabby embalmed

▪Children make a cause and effect chart on various personal choices they make.

▪Enacting on different parts of the story.

▪Improvisations on stories with morals.

▪Writing on any act of kindness that they have come across.


The story was selected for its rich literature content and thought provoking message.The idea was to help children be compassionate and humane and be better individuals.

All the activities were planned accordingly.Any feedback on the same would be appreciated.

5.Update for the month of August


STD: 5th-6th

Friday (4.30pm to 6pm)

Suvarna Miss

K.D Branch

Activities done for the month

1. Enacting of the story ‘The Bold Little Tiger’

2. Vocabulary:

  • Bold, Adventure, Enough, Alert, Leapt, Investigate, Wailing, Stranded, Frightened, Overprotect, Ledge, Whisper, Exhausted

3. Discussing characteristics of the tiger and which they identified with.

4. Think of your strengths, where you need to improve and how.

5. Identify what ‘I can do’ and what ‘I am willing to do.’ (The purpose was to help them understand what they are capable of some of, some of them didn’t get it at all.)

6. Prompt- “I need your help.”& take the conversation forward. Give a number of reasons to offer help and to refuse. Bypass obstacles.

7. Make sentences on the vocabulary words. Also, write about a challenge they have taken up or the competition they participated in.

8. Vocabulary thrown open for conversation to be done next class.

9. Expectations:

  1. Recognizing their abilities.
  2. Developing thinking skills.
  3. Developing drama skills and team participation.